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Case Studies

Below are 4 case studies which illustrate our abilities and clients feedback.

  • Paddington Central - aoi proved to be more then just a flexible friend when invited to tender for work on Londons latest urban regeneration scheme. Download Case Study

  • King Ethelbert School - Parquet floors, slamming doors and a liberal dash of the school’s corporate colour (purple) might have been the order of the day in 1970 - but not in 2006. Download Case Study

  • Scottish Widows - Scottish Widows, one of Europe’s largest asset management companies and part of the Lloyds TSB group, was very happy with its existing premises in the prestigious setting of Fleet Place – particularly the joinery partitions, installed some years before. The problem was finding a company who could deliver something in the same mould – literally. Download Case Study

  • Newton Place Surgery - When you’ve flicked through the regulation wellthumbed magazines and scanned through the latest notices on the board, what else is there to do but stare at the floor, the walls, the ceiling and the paintwork…?Download Case Study